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Project Phoenix: Additional Proposals Receive Awards



Two more eligible developers and deserving projects have been selected.


Any proposals submitted but not selected this time will be reconsidered at each upcoming award cycle. (Refer to this to review the award criteria, details, and benefits.)


In no order of implied importance.


Michael Peterson, Leesburg, VA

Class Roster Management for Leesburg Open Arms School. The school currently uses a spreadsheet with a bunch of ugly macros to manage their class rosters.  The information is duplicated from an existing childcare management solution.  The existing childcare management solution backend is SQL Server Express.  I would like to build them a solution with a separate database (so that software upgrades don’t affect it) that links the child record back into the childcare management database.  There will be a service layer built using WCF that abstracts all the data access code from the front end with various interfaces to plug in different backend integration.  The front end will be a rich UI built using WPF with the ability to do things like move a child from one class and to another using ‘drag and drop’.   The primary technologies that the project is expected to use are: WPF, WCF, MSSQL.


Gary Chin, Newton, MA

A Sunday School Classroom Aid for the Boston Chinese Evangelical Church (  I plan to implement a Silverlight application that would be a web application or a web part to SharePoint for the purpose of listing Sunday School students in various classrooms, provide attendance, identify potential non-attending students and possibly store classroom training material.. The primary technologies that the project is expected to use are: Silverlight 4, Expression Blend 4.0, SharePoint 2010 and possibly PowerPivot.


Congratulations to Michael and Gary. These both seem to be very useful and valuable projects. The  Details about your awards will be forthcoming in email.


You will be receiving the following:



We are encouraging both Michael and Gary to host their projects on so that other developers and non-profits can benefit from their efforts.


Consider helping a non-profit, school, or church by offering your skills. See this for more information.

Published Saturday, October 23, 2010 7:16 PM by ArnieRowland



Albert Rugel said:

Congratulations Michael and Gary..

October 24, 2010 12:34 PM
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