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Jamie Thomson

This is the blog of Jamie Thomson, a data mangler in London working for Dunnhumby

SSISReportingPack with usp_ssiscatalog v1.1 available – first release with integrated installer

Since December 2010 I have been maintaining a suite of reports that can be used atop the SSIS Catalog in SSIS 2012, I called it the “SSIS Reporting Pack”. While building those reports I realised that there was also a need to make it easier to issue common but ad-hoc queries against the SSIS Catalog and that realisation gave rise to a stored procedure called sp_ssiscatalog which I first released in November 2012. Both of these pieces of open source software are hosted at however they have always been distributed separately, with separate install mechanisms for each.

Until today that is. As of version 1.1 a single installer exists that will provide all the artifacts required for both the reports and usp_ssiscatalog:


Head to to get the goods. I have updated the home page in an attempt to make the installation instructions clearer for both the reports and usp_ssiscatalog.


You probably want to know what new features are in this release. Well, not all that much if I’m honest. Most notable are:

  • A fix for a user reported issue where the reports would fail to deploy due to error The definition of the report '/folder-project-package' is invalid. The value expression for the text box 'breadcrumbFolder' referes to a non-existing report parameter 'FolderId'".
  • The eagle-eyed of you may have noticed that usp_ssiscatalog is a new name for this stored procedure, it used to be called sp_ssiscatalog. The reason for the change is simply to follow best-practice for naming of SQL Server stored procedures where any such object in a user database should not be prefixed “sp_”. The previous name came about because the original intention was for this stored procedure to live in [master], as it transpired this would not have been a wise decision however the name of the stored procedure had already been established. Any call to sp_ssicatalog will still work for the foreseeable future however I recommend that you should change to use usp_ssiscatalog instead, if you can.

The big story here is that the reports and usp_ssiscatalog are now delivered in the same installer and to prove it here is a screenshot of the installer:


This lays a foundation for future enhancements that I want to make. Watch this space.


Published Wednesday, September 4, 2013 5:24 PM by jamiet

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David Lindley said:

Hi Jamie,

I've tried to upgrade SSISDB on my Dev server using the script generated via the DACPAC, and am getting the following error...

Creating Signature for '[internal].[check_is_role]'...

Msg 15299, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

The signature of the public key is invalid.

** An error was encountered during execution of batch. Exiting.

Any idea what could be causing the problem?


September 5, 2013 1:09 PM

jamiet said:

Hi David,

You say you're trying to "upgrade SSISDB". What do you mean by that exactly? Do you mean you're trying to install usp_ssiscatalog into the SSISDB database? I must say I haven't actually attempted to do that, I always install into a different, dedicated, database.

I always assumed that creating in SSISDB would work but I haven't tested it and thus I don't recommend it.



September 6, 2013 8:54 AM

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