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Kalen Delaney

Did You Know? It's SQL Know How!

I am very excited to be part of a new SQL Server Training Group, which was organized in the UK by 4 SQL Server MVPs (current and former).  I know this is a shameless plug, but I am not apologizing. I am actually going to the UK for the benefit of the SQLKnowHow guys, and I'm just trying to help them out even more by telling you all about their events!

SQLKnowHow has been offering one day seminars and multi-day training events since last summer, and my first event with them will  in early November.

This is, of course, not my first trip to the UK, or my first time speaking at an event organized by my friend Tony Rogerson, founder of the (in)famous and awesome UK SQL Server Community.

The venue is in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, which I happen to know well, because that is where Tony lives, along with his wonderful wife and his amazing little boy. In truth, I am actually looking forward to seeing Tony's son even more than Tony. (After all, I can see Tony at conferences, and can communicate by email whenever I need to. Plus (sorry Tony), his son is much cuter.)

Now that the previous event with Paul Nielsen has completed, seats are starting to fill fast for my seminars. I am presenting two one-day seminars and a three-day course:

3 November: SQL Server Data Storage Formats: Internals, Performance and Best Practices
(I have just finished writing the chapter for my next book on all the cool new storage, with compression, sparse columns and filestream, and I am really excited about this topic!)

4 November: SQL Server Concurrency Control: Locking, Blocking and Row Versioning
(This is always one of my favorite topics, because it is crucial to good performance, but is frequently overlooked in tuning discussions.)


5-7 November: SQL Server Data Internals and Tuning
(This 3-day seminar is a condensed version of my 5-day course which I have taught all over the world. We will start where the Data Storage Formats seminar leaves off, and look at how your storage structures can affect query performance. We'll go deeper into the structure of indexes and then talk about how your choice of indexes affects your query performance. We'll look at query tuning techniques, and plan caching, including new behaviors in SQL Server 2008.)

The great guys at SQLKnowHow are offering an early bird discount, too. Plus swag... plus great food....what else could you want?

See you there!


Published Friday, September 26, 2008 10:05 AM by Kalen Delaney

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Regan said:

Well, I've been on 3 days of the courses with Kalen, and she's right - the course's and what SQLKnowHow are bringing to the community, are great! It's wonderful to finally be able to go on courses and not feel like I'd have been better off sitting at home, reading a book.

Thanks for the course content Kalen - as good as I'd hoped for...

November 6, 2008 5:03 AM

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