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PASS Election Time is Here (Almost)

According to the PASS Election Timeline, the PASS BoD will take up the issue of approving the slate of candidates to be presented to the community for voting.  These candidates have taken a big step in putting themselves out there for election.  They have gone through the application process and the interview process by the NomCom to be fully vetted.  This is not any easy task for the applicants who hope to become candidates and the members of the NomCom.  I have been on both sides as an applicant and NomCom member in the past and know that there are some tough questions asked of the applicants and tough decisions to be made by the NomCom. 

The NomCom will present a slate of applicants to become official candidates.  There are ranked in order of how well they "scored" during the application and interview process by the NomCom.  This means that when we see the official list of candidates, they will be listed in order of most qualified on top.  There is no visibility into how the NomCom scored each candidate or how big of a spread there is between the various candidates.  They are ordered for a reason and should be part of your consideration when voting.

Many candidates will use their own blogs or other social media to answer questioins that are often posed in the PASS Election Forums.  Most have also put a link in the forums to their blog posts.  The forum is probably the best way to get a question answered from all of the candidates.  If there is one issue that you care about most, ask it in the forums to learn about each candidates position.

Perhaps the one question that should be posed is "What will this candidate bring to the BoD?"  How will having Candidate A serve on the board be different from Candidate B?  Is there a track record to show the difference?

I encourage everyone to find out about each candidate's position on issues and to participate in the process. I know that I will be following the process closely again this year.  Stay Tuned...

Published Tuesday, September 10, 2013 1:59 PM by RickHeiges

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