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PASS - Regional Seats First

After thinking about how to cast my votes for the PASS Election, I thought about the process and how one could get confused (and even upset) if the process for seating successful candidates was not already laid out.  I found this on the PASS Elections site which proved to be helpful.  The scenario that I thought of was the following....

Person A (US/Canada) - 20 votes

Person B (EMEA) - 19 votes

Person C (EMEA) - 18 votes

Person D (US/Canada) - 17 votes

Person E (US/Canada) - 16 votes)

If Regional Seats are awarded first (as the process states now)...

Person A - US/Canada Seat, Person B - EMEA Seat, Person C - Open Seat

If Open Seats are awarded first (not the current process)....

Person A - Open Seat, Peson B - EMEA Seat, Person D - US/Canada Seat

I am not advocating for one process over the other.  I am just pointing out that this type of situation was provided for in the processs adopted by the BoD.  Good information to have before the votes are counted.  :-)

Published Tuesday, September 24, 2013 8:30 AM by RickHeiges

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