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After Ten Years...

Life goes on and sometimes it is just time to move on.  I am no longer with Scalability Experts.  Looking back at all of the time that I spent with them, I realize how fortunate that I was to be part of it.

I am writing this because I wanted to thank Scalability Experts for supporting me in my involvement in the SQL Server Community.  When I first joined SE 10 years ago, I was very involved in PASS with my role as a Board Member.  As a PASS BoD member, there can be some huge demands on your time and talent.  We had three in-person meetings a year plus the Summit which required my physical presence; we also had the European Conference in Germany that year.  In addition, we also had a series of phone calls and of course email threads and conference calls which also took up countless hours.  Through all of this, SE worked with me so that I could serve the community.  If you are considering running for the Board of Directors for PASS, I hope that you are lucky enough to have an employment situation like mine that will allow you to fully participate with Board activities.  Even after my time on the BoD ended, SE continued to support my involvement with PASS.

As a consultant, travel is part of the job.  Primarily, my travel was domestic, but I did travel to a few places outside the USA that I would not have even considered.  Iceland – One of the “Get Ready for SQL Server 2005” Roadshows got me to this location.  It was June, so the sun didn’t set until about 3am as I recall.  I really enjoyed my time there and would love to go again.  South Africa – I led a Compatibility lab for ISVs over three days.  I wish that I could have had an extra day or two there for a safari.  I also learned that a robot here is a traffic signal light.  Lisbon – Another stop on the Roadshow which was a lot of fun.  I learned that Lisbon was the main port to get to America until an Earthquake/Fire/Tsunami event left the city in devastation.  The city reminded me of San Francisco.  These are a few places that I would not have visited without working for SE.

Another part of the consultant lifestyle is working with a lot of different customers and environments.  This is why “It Depends” is such a perfect answer to so many questions.  It truly does depend on the situation / business requirements.  I got to see this first hand.  I don’t think that I ever dreaded going to any of my customers, but there are a few customers that I worked with over the years that I really enjoyed working with.  In no particular order, they are General Mills, Mayo Clinic, Blackbaud, Disney Parks, and Chase.  When I visit a customer, I often ask myself would I recommend working here to a close friend.  These are the ones that really stood out to me.

I will remember all of the good times and friends that I made while at Scalability Experts and truly thank them for supporting me with my involvement in the community.


Published Friday, March 27, 2015 1:10 PM by RickHeiges

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