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Microsoft Docs and Localization Community Platform

Microsoft Docs is the new platform for sharing high quality technical documentation about Microsoft technologies and related products.

The documentation is hosted on GitHub and it is open to changes.

Now, technical communities around the world have the opportunity to improve the quality of the documentation localized in different languages. You can also activate the process of editing the original articles on Docs. How many times have you thought that some technical translations could be improved? Today we have the opportunity to do it!

Contributing to the improvement of Microsoft Docs is very simple, you can find the (English) guide prepared by Aldo Donetti here. It is also possible to contribute to the localization of Open Source products. Nowadays, projects available for community localization are:

  • VS Code
  • SQL Tools on Linux
  • TEE
  • SQL Operations Studio
  • Developer Tools
  • Batch Explorer

The guide that explains how to access and use Microsoft Localization Community Platform is available here.

Transifex is used to localize Visual Studio Code, you can find all details to log-in and start contributing here.

Do you want to improve Microsoft documentation and the localization of Open Source products in your language? Today you have the opportunity to do it!

Enjoy the Microsoft Docs! 

Published Friday, September 14, 2018 9:30 PM by Sergio Govoni
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