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  • DAX Time Intelligence for 4-4-5 Calendar, ISO Calendar and other custom ones #dax #powerpivot

    DAX offers a set of Time Intelligence functions that simplify writing DAX expressions such as YTD, YOY and other time-related calculations. However, these functions only works when some assumptions are valid: your periods should be “natural” months and quarter. Some industries, such as retail and manufacturing, are used to accounting periods that ...
    Posted to SQLBI - Marco Russo (Weblog) by sqlbi on February 19, 2013
  • Hardware Sizing Guide for #ssas #tabular

    A common question I receive is about how to correctly size a server for an Analysis Services Tabular instance. I always answer that an analytical evaluation is partly an empiric process, because there are many variables involved and the simplest approach is building the database model on a development server and then performing some workload test ...
    Posted to SQLBI - Marco Russo (Weblog) by sqlbi on February 12, 2013
  • First spring conference: PASS Business Analytics Conference and SQL Bits #passbac #sqlbits #sqlpass

    Spring is a conferences’ season and the upcoming one is no exception. I will be speaking at PASS Business Analytics Conference 2013, which will be the first event this year, so I’d like to spend a few words about my sessions. PASS Business Analytics Conference 2013 April 10-12, 2013 | Chicago, IL – United States This conference is targeted to ...
    Posted to SQLBI - Marco Russo (Weblog) by sqlbi on February 8, 2013
  • First DAX Advanced Workshop in London, May 2013 #dax #tabular #ssas

    Are you working with SSAS Tabular? Are you an experienced PowerPivot user? In both cases, you should be aware that there is only one skill that is important for PowerPivot and SSAS Tabular, and it is the DAX language. I and Alberto have been using DAX since 2010, wrote several books containing several chapters about DAX and we know that there is ...
    Posted to SQLBI - Marco Russo (Weblog) by sqlbi on February 7, 2013
  • March 2013 Events and Workshops in Aarhus, DK and Utrecht, NL #ssas #powerpivot

    Spring is coming and we published many dates of SSAS Tabular Workshops around Europe and online. Alberto Ferrari is coming to Aarhus, Denmark, for a 2-day SSAS Tabular Workshop on March 12-13, 2013 (you can see more info and register here). And Alberto will also deliver a free session in a community event on March 12 evening: the session is ...
    Posted to SQLBI - Marco Russo (Weblog) by sqlbi on February 6, 2013
  • End of 2012 and news in 2013 for #PowerPivot, #ssas #tabular and BI

    This year is going to end, Maya failed their predictions and while this is bad for predictive industry, it’s also good for all of us! We’ve seen many news in Microsoft BI stack: Excel 2013 has been RTM’d – its General Availability is expected in early 2013 but many early adopters are already using it daily (myself included) PowerPivot and ...
    Posted to SQLBI - Marco Russo (Weblog) by sqlbi on December 27, 2012
  • PASS Summit 2012: keynote and Mobile BI announcements #sqlpass

    Today at PASS Summit 2012 there have been several announcements during the keynote. Moreover, other news have not been highlighted in the keynote but are equally if not more important for the BI community. Let’s start from the big news in the keynote (other details on SQL Server Blog): Hekaton: this is the codename for in-memory OLTP ...
    Posted to SQLBI - Marco Russo (Weblog) by sqlbi on November 7, 2012
  • Meet SQLBI at PASS Summit 2012 #sqlpass

    Next week I and Alberto Ferrari will be in Seattle at PASS Summit 2012. You can meet us at our sessions, at a book signing and hopefully watching some other session during the conference. Here are our appointments: Thursday, November 08, 2012, 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM – Alberto Ferrari – Room 606-607 Querying and Optimizing DAX (BIA-321-S) ...
    Posted to SQLBI - Marco Russo (Weblog) by sqlbi on November 2, 2012
  • MDX Studio download #mdx #ssas

    Short version: the latest available version of MDX Studio can be downloaded from Long version: Last week Stacia Misner twitted that the online version of MDX Studio was no longer available. It was hosted on It was a sad news, and it is also not good that nobody is maintaining the ...
    Posted to SQLBI - Marco Russo (Weblog) by sqlbi on September 24, 2012
  • Community Events in Köln (October) and Copenhagen November #ssas #tabular #powerpivot

    Short update about community events in Europe where I will speak. On October 11 I will present DAX in Action in Köln - all details in the PASS local chapter here: I will be speaking at a community event in Copenhagen on November 21, 2012. The session will be Excel 2013 ...
    Posted to SQLBI - Marco Russo (Weblog) by sqlbi on September 12, 2012
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