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  • Azure Data Lake Store library for Delphi

    From Microsoft-Docs on GitHub: Azure Data Lake Store is an enterprise-wide hyper-scale repository for big data analytic workloads. Azure Data Lake enables you to capture data of any size, type, and ingestion speed in one single place for operational and exploratory analytics. Because I'm a Delphi developer, Microsoft Data Platform MVP since ...
    Posted to Sergio Govoni (Weblog) by Sergio Govoni on January 3, 2018
  • New Challenges Ahead!

    I just joined the team at DB Best Technologies as a Principal Solutions Architect.  Check out their website at  DB Best is probably best known for providing the SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) tool and associated support for it.  The SSMA tool was just recently updated to provide support for migrations ...
    Posted to Rick Heiges (Weblog) by RickHeiges on April 1, 2015
  • After Ten Years...

    Life goes on and sometimes it is just time to move on.  I am no longer with Scalability Experts.  Looking back at all of the time that I spent with them, I realize how fortunate that I was to be part of it. I am writing this because I wanted to thank Scalability Experts for supporting me in my involvement in the SQL Server ...
    Posted to Rick Heiges (Weblog) by RickHeiges on March 27, 2015
  • PASS Summit is in Charlotte This Year!

    My first Pass Summit was in January 2002 in Denver. I spent the weekend before the Summit in Denver to save a bunch on airfare. I did the Ski Train which gave me a terrific Train ride in the Rocky Mountains with a day of skiing; it was a great day. I have heard from others who took some time either before or after the PASS Summit in Seattle to ...
    Posted to Rick Heiges (Weblog) by RickHeiges on July 9, 2013
  • OT: March Mdness 2011

    This past fall, I decided to take a break from Fantasy Football.  Did I miss it? Yes to some extent.  Fantasy Football can really eat up a lot of time. But - I still love March Madness (NCAA Men's Basketball Tourney).  It doesn't take much time to pick out teams.  Since you can't make any changes after the deadline and the ...
    Posted to Rick Heiges (Weblog) by RickHeiges on March 14, 2011
  • OT: Observations of how technology made things SO MUCH BETTER and how it doesn't help everything

    My mother-in-law had a camera that still uses film.  She isn't really technical, but her camera was acting up over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Her birthday is coming up in a couple of days, so we decided to get her a digital camera (one of the Black Friday Bargains).  I started to think back to how technology has really changed ...
    Posted to Rick Heiges (Weblog) by RickHeiges on December 3, 2009
  • OT: Football! - (Late, but let's get rolling!)

    Once again, we will have a league for SQL Bloggers and Blog readers.  Sign-up quickly as the season starts Thursday!  But we probably won't start our fantasy season until week 2. Go to Yahoo's Fantasy Football - The League's ID is 667860 and the Password is rssfeed. Join in and play head-to-head against others who think in ''WHERE'' ...
    Posted to Rick Heiges (Weblog) by RickHeiges on September 8, 2009
  • OT: Wi-Fi in the Sky

    For the first time in my travel history, I was on a flight on Thursday night that offered Wi-Fi server (after reaching 10,000 feet).  I was on a rather short flight from ATL to GSO, but thought that I would give it a shot.  There are some sites that you can check out without paying a fee like your travel plans at and some basic ...
    Posted to Rick Heiges (Weblog) by RickHeiges on April 11, 2009
  • OT: March Madness

    Every year, I look over the 65 teams for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament and guess who is going to win.  I am not as much into the game as I have been in past years, but there are always teams that I root for and others that I root against.  There always seems to be a ''cinderella'' that makes a big splash each year.  The trick ...
    Posted to Rick Heiges (Weblog) by RickHeiges on March 16, 2009
  • PASS Conference Stories - Tagging Rushabh

    At the European Conference Eventin Munch, Germany, Rushabh and I decided to go back out since everyone else seemed to be too tired.  Some of the attendees had given us an address of a place where they were going to be for the night.  Rushabh's German skills are only slightly worse than mine.  I knew how to say some tings like ...
    Posted to Rick Heiges (Weblog) by RickHeiges on October 2, 2008
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