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  • Geek City: Changing How To Change Your Database Properties — ALTER DATABASE

    (This article was originally published at ) Long ago (in SQL Server years) many metadata changes were implemented with special one-off stored procedures. For example, we had sp_addindex and sp_dropindex, as well as sp_addtype, sp_droptype, sp_addlogin and sp_droplogin. For changing certain database properties, we ...
    Posted to Kalen Delaney (Weblog) by Kalen Delaney on September 20, 2017
  • Geek City: Clearing Plans for a Single Database

    I know Friday afternoon isn't the best time for blogging, as everyone is going home now, and by Monday morning, this post will be old news. But I'm not shutting down just yet, and a something came up this week that I just realized not everybody knew about, so I decided to blog it. Many (or most?) of you are aware that you can clear all cached ...
    Posted to Kalen Delaney (Weblog) by Kalen Delaney on May 21, 2010
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